Post-natal Yoga

Guidelines for appropriate yoga practice during the post-natal recovery period


Ensure that any yoga teacher whose classes you attend knows if you are breastfeeding, how long ago the birth was, and the nature of your birthing and recovery experience.



Do yogic breath with classic pelvic floor moves; i.e. drawing abdominals IN, and pelvic floor UP on the exhale. Use these also to help with lifting and carrying babies.

Do semi-supine rest: Full Yogic Breath – pelvic tilts etc. – to help resettle the pelvic organs and promote healing.

Do kneeling base movements: stretches, lifts and easeful movements with breath.

Do all chest-opening practices: from seated, with breath awareness.

Do sitting on balls and blocks: feeling pelvic floor. Pelvic floor practices in this position and semi supine.

Do deep relaxations: anything that is baby friendly – ensure your practices don’t cause you and your baby grief or tension, keep informal and adapt to changing circumstances. You can do breath relaxation walking, sitting or lying down.

Do twists: to re-knit the oblique abdominals – work with the breath to deepen benefits.

Do sound practices.

Do ensure maternal posture adjustments take into account/or improve upon maternal carrying habits.

Do enjoy your yoga practice!!!



Don’t move too fast – your body is in a vulnerable state, so give yourself time to feel how any posture will impact upon you before you get fully into it.

Don’t do inversions – wait until lochia has finished flowing, until the pelvis feels re aligned, and until abdominal support for the back is sufficiently re-established to maintain a stable curve in the lumbar spine.

Don’t stand wide: no wider than shoulder width for first eight weeks – then keep it close. Wide legged standing poses can overstretch already lax ligaments and aggravate any back problems that stem from a destabilised pelvis.

Don’t over stretch: its easy to cause damage to the destabilised pelvic joints – and indeed any other joints in the body. Whilst lactating, a woman’s joints are lax as in pregnancy, and the same precautions apply.

Don’t do sit ups or any other fierce work with the abdominals: it’s counter productive and exacerbates ‘feeding hunch’, work instead with twists and Healing Breath.

Don’t focus on the ‘externals’ but develop inner strength.

Don’t worry if there is anything here you don’t understand I will go through it with you!!!