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PREGNANCY can be a wonderful time of development and growth, not just in respect of the baby growing inside but also in terms of you as a person. Becoming a mother is a great time of change and can be daunting at times. Your body will go through many changes and sometimes some mothers can experience aches and pains and ailments. Yoga can help to alleviate these common conditions.

The relaxation aspect of yoga is well known and can be a wonderful time to rest and digest. The breath techniques of yoga compliment the relaxing and balancing effects of the asanas, (poses).

Yoga during pregnancy can boost your energy, relieve stress and anxiety.

Together with your yoga teacher you can find ways to feel more comfortable and find ways of making yourself relax and have a peaceful nights sleep.

Wednesday 9.30am - 10.30am
Newbury Hall CC
Perrymans Farm Road
020 8708 9423