I've taken a number of yoga classes over the years, looking for an environment that provides me with a way of unwinding physically and mentally. Caroline's classes are great as they provide both. My favourite part of the class is always the relaxation at the end - soothing and peaceful, following Caroline's voice helps my body and my mind to let go. In fact, I've been so relaxed I've had to be woken up so I can finish the class!
Jessica Tyler Senior - Marketing Manager

Caroline's relaxation sessions are so calming and peaceful. Within a few minutes, I am totally relaxed in both mind and body, and detached from the stresses of everyday life. After the session, I feel more peaceful and rested, and have a more positive attitude.
Ruth Pollard - Financial Controller

I have had 4 yoga teachers in my past and you are by far the best. Not only are your actual classes always varied and effective, you always put so much effort in to noticing the little improvements we make every class (or maybe it’s just natural thoughtfulness), and remember everyone’s little aches and pains to modify the poses for them. The relaxation at the end of the class I suspect is what most of us look forward to most though!! You are a master! Your voice is so soothing and the ‘routines’ you use are lovely, but what makes it so effective is the way you use the tone of your voice and how you conjure up an atmosphere of trust and surrender just by the way you chose your words and use your voice.

I keep telling you to make a CD! It would sell, I’d buy 5 for the friends and family I have find it really hard to relax in bed to get ready to sleep. I use the golden breathe technique and then replay your words just by memory and it works for me, so an actual CD would be 10x better!

I am enjoying my last few moments of relaxation and really mean it…

Thanks again Caroline, can’t wait until next week

Jo x
Joanna Martin - European Manager